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James River Yoga

All teachers accept cash and checks; IN ADDITION, the following teachers accept the following additional forms of payment:

Payment Methods

Nancy Allen
credit cards, paypal, venmo
Anne Alfieri
credit cards, paypal, zelle, venmo
Jeanne Pribble
Jan Gray
Marisa Freeman
credit cards, venmo, paypal
Becky Dimond
credit cards, venmo, paypal
Kassie Gada
venmo and paypal
Leesa Williams
paypal, venmo, and zelle
Dr. John Franklin
Contact via email about class info and pricing.
Dr. Matthew Miller
Contact via email about class info and pricing.
Bethany Federico
cash, check, cashapp, venmo, zelle
Lyndsey Hoyle
venmo, paypal, cashapp
Lori Petras-Falabella
venmo, paypal, cashapp
To pay for a class, just show up at the studio and purchase a drop in or class pass from your individual teacher.  You can drop into ANY YOGA CLASS ANY TIME, for only $15.
ONE HOUR CLASS AND ONE HOUR & 15 MINUTE CLASS: $60 for 5 classes; $110 for 10 classes.  
FOR 1.5 HOUR CLASS (WITH NANCY): $120 for 10 classes.

Class Fees

Class Pass Prices:  You can purchase a class pass from the teacher with whom you are taking classes.  As we are more of a “consortium” of teachers under the James River “umbrella” class passes are not transferable from one teacher to the next.  

Class Fees

Feel free to drop in ($15 fee) to any class and check out the most appropriate teacher, level and day/time for your needs.

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